Yoga Supply List & Attire Suggestions

Listed below are wholesale prices along with the approximate shipping charges for Yoga Supplies you will need for your Yoga Practice. Please note that if you must make a choice between the Zafu and the Mexican Blanket, you will probably be happier by ordering the Zafu…if you can do both, that would be even better.

A man’s tie may be substituted for the Cotton Strap and a cotton or wool lap blanket such as one used while watching TV may be substituted for the Mexican Blanket. If you already have any of the items listed below, please feel free to use them and delete the item from your Yoga Supplies order. Please note that the Yoga Supplies or substituted suggestions are HIGHLY SUGGESTED BUT NOT MANDATORY for Yoga Practice attendance.**

  • ** 1 Tapas Original Sticky Mat $ 24.00(Lapis Blue, Purple, Pink, Autumn Orange, Olive or Emerald Green)
  • ** 2 – 3″ Blocks $ 20.00(Blue or Purple)
  • ** 1 Zafu $ 34.00(Black, Olive, Curry, Pumpkin or Plum)
  • ** 1 Mexican Blanket $ 26.00(Multi)
  • ** 1 – 6′ Cotton Strap $   8.00(Navy, Purple, Multi, Natural or Green)
  • Silk Herbal Eye Bag $ 14.00(Cobalt Black, Gold, Sage, Purple)
  • Silk Neck Pillow $ 20.00(Cobalt Black, Gold, Sage, Purple)
  • V-Shaped Meditation Cushion $ 40.00(Black, Plum, Olive, Espresso)

YOUR YOGA SUPPLIES MAY BE PAID FOR VIA PAYPAL BY SENDING ME AN EMAIL CONTAINING THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO PURCHASE. UPON RECEIPT OF YOUR EMAILED LIST OF PRODUCTS & COLORS WANTED, AN INVOICE WILL BE SENT TO YOU. …or you may copy the list, circle the items and color choices of the Yoga Supplies you would like to purchase and mail supplies’ color choices & checks to:

Ruth Thomas, E-RYT200
735 VZ County Road 4703
Ben Wheeler, TX 75754

Your supplies order will be placed upon receipt of your check and choices list. You may expect delivery of your supplies usually within 10 working days from the time the order is placed.

ATTIRE SUGGESTIONS: Be prepared to travel your Yoga Journey barefoot in loose fitting &/or stretchy-type clothing. You will see examples of clothing on this web site which should give you an idea of the type of clothing in which you will be most comfortable. If you have taken Pilates or any similar type of exercise program, the clothes worn in those classes will probably work for you. Running shorts are not appropriate attire. Again, for your safety and comfort, we respectfully request that no shoes are worn on the practice floor and that water containers have lids or screw tops.

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